Femdom - that's my thing. I am interested in male subs on an appropriate mental and material level, who is able to entertain me with pleasant conversation. Physical appearance does not matter to me - sex is absolutely not an option. BDSM toys, latex, leather - they're only a garnish to the play. I prefer to use things of daily use for my purposes. It's not me who fulfills fantasies of a slave, but it's the slave who fulfills Mine - that's the rule. I require savior vive at the highest level. Perfect obedience. For the slightest offense my sub may be punished in a severe way. I expect some tribute for a session.

I’m focused very much on foot and shoe fetish.  If you're a Foot Fetishist, I assure you will not be disappointed. I have perfect feet of a 42,5 size (11 USA) , and long, beautifully shaped, muscular legs.

I'm not mean and cruel. I like polite and interesting conversation while my sub is massaging my feet. I'm actually nice and well behaved, don't like to yell, swear and I try to avoid physical torture. I consider a slave to be a human being as well and therefore his health is more important than my fantasies. I prefer meetings with subs who are not masochists. If you're interested in meeting with a sadistic mistress - you'll be probably  dissapointed. 

I meet only for foot fetish sessions combined with
elements of domination.

I expect a tribute for a session.

Sex of any kind is absolutely out of question.

At the meeting you can expect:

  • Foot worship
  • Shoe worship
  • Shoe cleaning
  • Serving as a valet
  • Serving as a footstool
  • Serving as a chair
  • Breath control
  • Bondage
  • Light CBT
  • Control with chastity belt
  • Tickling
  • Exercising
  • Dog play
  • Consuming sperm
  • Trampling on request
  • Feminization on request

NO sex
NO strapon
NO foot or heeljob
NO piss or scat 
NO rimming
NO facesitting

I’m not a typical Dominatrix. First of all, during sessions I fulfill my own fantasies, not sub’s. I do not treat meetings as kind of a trade when I get money and the slave his fulfillment.  BDSM is not a theater, where it plays a piece on the needs of a sub, but a meeting of two people who want to spend time together in a nice but unusual way. I really like to talk about all sorts of subjects, it is an essential element of the session for me.

I do not feel a need to dress up in fancy costumes or collecting special tools. I like to be my truly self and using household items for my purposes, which I clean and disinfect. I approach every slave individually. A lot of improvising. The first meeting is always cool and calm.

I’m not a sadist. If you expect beating, swearing, insults, please immediately leave this page. I do not despise men nor do I hold a grudge against them. On the contrary - I love them, I find conversations with men much more interesting than with women. I really like flirting and controlling them with my beauty and grace. I love when subs fall in front of me on their knees and begin to worship or rush with a twinkle in his eye to fulfill my request. 

I am not interested in any form of sex, including oral or anal. I do not do facesitting, toilet training nor do I let to worship my private parts. In other words – I do not get undressed.

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